sreda, 05. december 2012

DAY 340 - corner

The corner next to my computer is well protected with a layer of dust. Every picture and object here reminds me of somebody (well, not the printer paper) and one day I hope to arrange them on the walls in the living room and along the staircase.

DAY 339 - couple
Let me show you a couple of embossing folders. The ones on the left were used for my Christmas cards this year. For those of you who asked - they are made by Sizzix and are called Flowers, Stars and Swirls Set A2. I've made a lot of cards but I haven't finished yet and I will have to hurry because lots of them will be posted to foreign countries.

4 komentarji:

  1. Thank you Kristina, I just bought the embossing folders. They are so so fabulous.
    If you want to feel happy with dust, just have a look at my blog !!!

  2. those embossing folders look great, hope you get to finish your cards soon.

  3. Like those embossing folders but don't make cards!! Well done making yours, hope you finish them on time! xx

  4. Happy Holiday - December 6!
    I wish you much health, happiness and good luck!
    We celebrate this day too! but:
    The Orthodox Church celebrates today the memory of Saint Nicholas, the holiday is called by the people St. Nicholas.
    Today is a celebration of fishermen, sailors and bankers and all who have the name Nicholas!
    Congratulations - beautiful pictures for our theme!