nedelja, 16. december 2012

DAY 351 - wealth

There is a wealth of ideas in my crochet and knitting magazines and books stored in boxes and bags.

DAY 350 - blanket

Instead of a new blanket Saint Nicholas brought me this special pillow to "thaw" my frozen feet in the evenings.

DAY 349  - health

Well, Suzie will really challenge us to the very end of the year with tricky words such as health and wealth and obligations... .
Cards sent at this time of the year usually contain wishes for good luck and health.

DAY 348 - edible

Lots of gifts in our house are edible. My eldest daughter's pile is still untouched as she doesn't live at home but the rest of the family members have already eaten most ot the sweets.
I can't believe the numbers - we have only 15 days to go. Of course I will join the new challenge but this one is my first one and it feels really special.

6 komentarjev:

  1. Oh wow, you are going to say I am silly ! I initially thought that your blanket for a blanket for couple, with 2 head holes, you know when you cuddle in front of the TV or the fireplace. I wonder if I could invent that, then !

  2. I've never seen a footwarmer like that. I bet it gives you cosy toes.

  3. great pillow for your feet and the Christmas card looks fantastic.

  4. Love your foot pillow!!!

    Gosh to all those sweets!!!

  5. Great post! I like your suggestions on topics of the day.
    I'm glad we're together in 2013.