četrtek, 27. december 2012

DAY 362 - special

There is a special Slovenian cake that I make only for Christmas and Easter, called "potica" . I've probably mentioned it before - the most common is wallnut roll, but we prefer hazelnut roll.

DAY 361 - delight

My daughters are very nice girls and my greatest delight. This photo was taken last Saturday when our second was 18 and officially became adult. I always baked their cakes at home up to the ages of 12-13 and I wasn't ready to bake one just before the holidays. But she said that she absolutely wanted one and so I made one with the only decorations I could find in my baking drawers.

DAY 360 - something on the table

I had no energy to take photos on Christmas day so I can show you only something that is on the table at this time of year (24th Dec to 2nd Feb) - some temari balls I made a few years ago.

5 komentarjev:

  1. I googled your potica and it sounds yummy. Well done on your daughters birthday cake.

  2. That Potica looks lovely.
    You have beautiful daughters

  3. Your daughters are so beautiful ! Your potica cake does sound yummy, yes ! x

  4. lovely photos and i like the sound and look of the cake.

  5. Great photos! For me it's very interesting!
    Your daughters are very beautiful!
    Your potica cake looks lovely!
    Your temari balls - great!