nedelja, 30. december 2012

DAY 365 - end

This is my idea and sketch book for crochet, knitting, home decor, sewing and embroidery.

At the end of 2012 it is coming to the end. There are only 2 and a half pages left. As I love knitting and crochet most at the moment I might fill the remaining pages this evening and tomorrow and start a new book on the very first day of 2013 ( it is already prepared next to my yarn stash). I have lots and lots of ideas for Christmas decorations 2013 and I hope to realize some of them in January or they won't be realized at all.

DAY 364 - free choice

My brain is turned off these days and I found the free choice really tough. We burn lots of candles and tea lights so here is a snap of our living room table.
I can't believe we have only one day left to complete the challenge. Suzie thank you!

7 komentarjev:

  1. I have notebooks for my creativity too. YEs, hard to believe it is nearly over.

  2. Love candles and yours look lovelyx
    Feeling quite nostalgic about tomorrow and the end of 365+1 :(

    Hope you will be doing LUCKY SNAPPING 2013?

  3. Love the notebook idea and the candles look great.

  4. I think that notebook idea is a lovely idea.
    I too am getting nostalgic about tomorrow.

  5. I tried using notebooks but it never worked. I have started using pinterest ( for gathering and sorting ideas. So far it seems to be working.

  6. Beautiful candles and decs. Yes it is bittersweet that we are at the end but mainly sweet :) xxx

  7. Due to you and Borqna, we certainly can say we did an international photo challenge !