sreda, 30. januar 2013

Week 5 - rainbow

I absolutely love the challenge this week. Janice had a brilliant idea and suggested to take seven photos to illustrate the colours of the rainbow:
violet .

I knitted this red scarf last spring and summer to wear it in autumn. Well it's winter now and I've been meaning to block it for some months but there is always something else to do. So it will have to wait patiently until the day I can put it on. 

One of my unfinished crochet projects is a doily in yellow, off white and orange. 

The yellow flower pot and sugar bowl bring sunshine and life to my kitchen. 

Have a lovely and colourful week,

sreda, 23. januar 2013

Week 4 - quotation

I am a little late this week - but I've been thinking quite a lot about Lynne's quotation and the linked posts were really inspiring.
What makes me happy?
So many things, I could write about them all year long: small funny things someone says or does, nature, my family, everything related to crafts...
It isn't always easy to take photos of these things - so I decided to capture the beautiful sky and the moon this afternoon.
Some free, quiet time that I can spend knitting or crocheting is a great source of happiness too.

Are you ever happy for no reason? Why?
Yes, very often, just because.

What are you busy doing this week?
Mainly doing everyday things at home and at work but also getting on with my new year's projects. To start assembling the new cushions I have to weave in hundreds of yarn ends. I don't like it much and I'll never make the same mistake again - that is to just make squares or small projects and not finish each one completely.

What do you wish for? Are you good at demanding what you want like children do?
Unfortunately, I am hopeless at demanding and getting what I want. Some things I really wish for are impossible to get. It is possible to learn to dance though and that's what I wish for these days when I have to go to two celebrations where you get bored if you are a clumsy dancer.

I wish you a nice week ,

ponedeljek, 14. januar 2013

Week 3 - new beginnings

I am not very good at making and keeping new year's resolutions with the exception of the ones concerning my hobbies. If I set my goals, put them down and stick to them at least for some time, that is already something and I really craft much more than without the resolutions.
So at the moment I am starting some of the many projects for the so-called  "our knitted and crocheted Christmas". I'd like to replace  most of our current hand made decorations with new knitted and crocheted ones (so that I can change sets every few years). Hopefully I will make something for Christmas 2013 (I am realistic, you know) but it's more likely that everything I am planning to knit and crochet will be finished for 2030.
As the year is still young I am very motivated and you can see my new craft diary and some knitted Christmas tree balls plus a star (I've got a corner on one of the living room sofas where I can just sit down and knit/ crochet if only for 5 minutes). A nice new beginning, don't you think? The next generations might remember me just because of my love for everything handmade.
Have a nice (snowy?) week,

četrtek, 10. januar 2013

Week 2 - serendipity

This is certainly a complicated word, but Anna, your examples and explanations are brilliant. In fact it it the perfect word to start a new year - small joys and happy moments make our life beautiful - "big and important" events are few and far between.
I must also add that this week was / has been long and hard and I had to make a special effort to find seredipitous events in it. They are:
- two cards from old faithful friends from France with their news
- a nice email from a craft blog reader that I wasn't expecting to hear from
- 2012 emagazines "From Polymer to Art" that I bought which are really inspiring
- a Power Point about dew drops in which the whole environment is reflected - it was sent to me by a good friend of mine
- a moment of intense sunshine today when I entered our valley (while the whole day was cold and dull and cloudy in the town where I work; unfortunately I couldn't snap it).

Have a nice weekend - I can't wait for week 3 and its surprises.

ponedeljek, 07. januar 2013

Week 1 - neighbourhood view

I sort of miss the daily challenge so I am very pleased with additional prompts. Once a month I'd like to document one of my favourite corners not far from my house - a small footbridge across a stream where I used to walk to primary school. Just to the left is our local cemetery and a field. I used to go to this place every day when the girls were young to watch the water and throw stones into it and then go for a walk.
Have a nice week,

nedelja, 06. januar 2013

Week 1 - view from the sink

I haven't got a window behind my sink - a tiled wall won't change during the year. So I turned right for 90° and there is a skylight to the north of the house. If I step on a chair and zoom a little I get this lovely view of the river and the main road through our valley.

sobota, 05. januar 2013

Week 1 - Lucky snapping view

After a week of changing my mind I finally decided on my 2013 view for the challenge. It is the southern view from my house which can be tricky to catch but I will try my best.