četrtek, 10. januar 2013

Week 2 - serendipity

This is certainly a complicated word, but Anna, your examples and explanations are brilliant. In fact it it the perfect word to start a new year - small joys and happy moments make our life beautiful - "big and important" events are few and far between.
I must also add that this week was / has been long and hard and I had to make a special effort to find seredipitous events in it. They are:
- two cards from old faithful friends from France with their news
- a nice email from a craft blog reader that I wasn't expecting to hear from
- 2012 emagazines "From Polymer to Art" that I bought which are really inspiring
- a Power Point about dew drops in which the whole environment is reflected - it was sent to me by a good friend of mine
- a moment of intense sunshine today when I entered our valley (while the whole day was cold and dull and cloudy in the town where I work; unfortunately I couldn't snap it).

Have a nice weekend - I can't wait for week 3 and its surprises.

8 komentarjev:

  1. That is so beautiful Kristina, some lovely events you experienced. Great that you were looking for them, I hope it made them double enjoyable ! xxx

  2. Well done Kristina, it does sound as though it has enhanced your life this week xxx

  3. I had missed you blogging off to dd you to my list!!

  4. Sorry, I'm a little behind with comments. You certainly did have what I would consider serendipitous moments. I love unexpectingly hearing from an old friend.

  5. It sounds like a really good week for you. Lots of seredipidy.

  6. Some lovely precious moments there, love those cards.