sreda, 23. januar 2013

Week 4 - quotation

I am a little late this week - but I've been thinking quite a lot about Lynne's quotation and the linked posts were really inspiring.
What makes me happy?
So many things, I could write about them all year long: small funny things someone says or does, nature, my family, everything related to crafts...
It isn't always easy to take photos of these things - so I decided to capture the beautiful sky and the moon this afternoon.
Some free, quiet time that I can spend knitting or crocheting is a great source of happiness too.

Are you ever happy for no reason? Why?
Yes, very often, just because.

What are you busy doing this week?
Mainly doing everyday things at home and at work but also getting on with my new year's projects. To start assembling the new cushions I have to weave in hundreds of yarn ends. I don't like it much and I'll never make the same mistake again - that is to just make squares or small projects and not finish each one completely.

What do you wish for? Are you good at demanding what you want like children do?
Unfortunately, I am hopeless at demanding and getting what I want. Some things I really wish for are impossible to get. It is possible to learn to dance though and that's what I wish for these days when I have to go to two celebrations where you get bored if you are a clumsy dancer.

I wish you a nice week ,

8 komentarjev:

  1. Yeah ! "Just becasue" is the best answer ever ! Love your post ! xx

  2. Have to agree with you on all these things but especially the 'just because' as sometimes that is the only where of explaining it (in fact I shall have to pinch that for my explaination :) Agree with the dancing, would so love to be able to get up and do a waltz or the jive with confidence and knowledge. x

  3. I love your reflection and photos!
    I have a feeling that you are doing everything with ease and joy. Here - you say that you are back / a little late/, but you actually ahead of us with this post!

  4. lol- I wish I could dance. I often wish I was born with the dance gene when we go to parties!

  5. Very nicely put and your pictures are great.

  6. Kristina you always seem busy and doing so many different crafts too as well as fitting in school!! I think you should learn to dance and then enjoy the events with dancing!

  7. It's hard to ask for what we want, but it sounds like you have some of it anyway.

  8. Yes, just because is brilliant. Well done for articulating it so well :) xx