nedelja, 24. februar 2013

Affairs of the heart 3 - songs

We don't have a special song with my husband as we have very different tastes in music. My three favourite songs are all sung in French. The first one was my absolute favourite during my teenage years - I was never happy in love then and I thought the words were just perfect. It was the winning song of the Eurovision contest in 1972, sung by Vicky Leandros, born in Greece but representing Luxembourg.

The second one is by Jacques Brel, Ne me quitte pas - Don't leave me. My favourite line is: " I would bring you pearl raindrops from a country  where it never rains."  He is still my favourite singer. His voice is unique.

The second favourite singer sings also in French but is quite different from Brel. His songs are light hearted and sometimes English. It's Joe Dassin and I love best his song "L'équipe `a Jojo" which is about friends and their carefree years when they were young.

And to finish this "heart" week I will add a photo of my decorations next to my papercrafts corner. I've just realized that it sums up perfectly the last three posts. There are the yellow decorations from my camera package (I couldn't throw them away), a card by my BFF and a card by a blog friend. I'd like to add this story here. We met just once at a polymer clay workshop but we read each other's blogs regularly. She makes wonderful "pickpoint" cards among other things and once I commented on a post that the image is too beautiful to be just a card - I would frame it and put it on the wall. Quite a few months after that it was my birthday and I got such a card from her - but I forgot all about my comment and she had to remind me why she sent me such a card. I was really moved that she was so thoughtful. We now exchange birthday and Christmas cards and I hope we can see each other in the future as well. Let me just add that Janice's idea of blog friends forever is so wonderful and true. Blogging can help you to "meet" people from all over the world that have the same interests and hobbies. I can't remember exactly how I found Suzie's challenge last year - I know I was a few days late in January - but I am sure it was meant to be. I love writing this blog and I love having so many new blog friends -  thank you again for being my faithful followers, readers and comment writers.

petek, 22. februar 2013

Affairs of the heart 1 and 2

I struggled with this theme all week long but after reading all your special stories I am ready to add mine. My husband is not romantic and for years he always "forgot" my birthday and our anniversary. Valentine's day is not extremely popular in our country, it's in fact just commercial and not a real tradition so there weren't any presents worth mentioning either. But last year something finally happened in his head and he totally surprised me by buying me a brand new camera in my favourite colour. He planned the surprise quite a few days ahead of my birthday because then our eldest went on a school trip to Rome. It seems that after all an old dog can be taught some new tricks!!?? I must say that he patched up a lot of old heartbreak and wounds in this way. This year I followed the old tradition and told him clearly what I want for my birthday (at the end of March) a few weeks ago. So probably no surprise this year but it doesn't matter because I am in love with my present and am using it all the time - 36 Inktense pencils by Derwent.

As for the BFF affairs of the heart I could write lots and lots of sad stories. I was treated as the odd one out way too often. But that is the distant past and as I've already mentioned I changed my job about 11 years ago and met my best friend at my new job. I am really grateful for that and I found a really happy photo from our seaside holiday two years ago. We both went through some really hard times during the last decade but we are there for each other and we can always laugh together. Thanks T for everything!
I wish you all a nice weekend. We are on holidays next week and that makes me incredibly happy as well. Holidays are always a huge affair of the heart ;-D.

četrtek, 14. februar 2013

Week 7 - let's reflect - IMPOSSIBLE

Anna set us quite a challenge this week. The second word of SILVER LINING is impossible but in the sense of nothing is impossible. I've just noticed that there are two more i-s to come until the end of the year... but let's deal with this one first.

After thinking very hard I found out that for me everything associated with impossible is connected to France and the French language.
When I was in my twenties I often thought that I would never finish my French studies because we had to write a very long essay on a chosen topic to get the degree (a hundred pages or more).
Of course I did it, but then it seemed impossible to get a job as a teacher of French. When a new public/private grammar school appeared in Ljubljana (the capital)I was one of literally hundreds of candidates trying to get a job. We were interviewed in front of a board of 12 or 13 people (most of them men)and the schedule we were sent went pear-shaped. The delay was about 3-4 hours and while I was waiting I didn't want to take any refreshments that the nice secretary was offering around. At one moment I became very hungry and took a biscuit. Exactly at that time my name was called.
I entered the interview room as red as a beetroot with my mouth full. I really don't know how I swallowed everything without having a coughing fit. I apologized to the board and started answering their questions. When I came home I just said to everyone: " Let's just forget about this school and this job, I'll never get it."

You've probably guessed that I did get the job to my utter amazement - so I was the first teacher of French at that school. I worked so hard that I was half-ill all the time and what's more those were the years when I had my children. Eight years later I realized that I am the only one responsible for my health and the well-being of my family. So I quit but couldn't become a stay at home mum due to financial reasons.

I thought that I would never teach French again - I got a position of an English teacher at a primary school (11-15 year olds in our system). I was also convinced that I would probably never see Paris again - I had gone there every year with my students (18 year olds).
But at my new job I met my best friend :-D and as our kids grew up a bit we started travelling together. In 2010 we went to Paris, exactly ten years after my previous visit in 2000 and it was the first visit for my friend and her sister.  I'd rather not mention that our flight home was cancelled last minute due to air controllers' strike and I had to use all my poor negotiating skills to get us places on a plane to Croatia - Zagreb - where my husband picked us up, otherwise we would have waited at the airport for a whole day.
And surprise, surprise, in spring 2012 there were enough candidates to start French as an option at our school.
At the moment it seems impossible to travel anywhere due to the economic crisis in our country but I am sure that one day I'll see Paris again, hopefully in summer. The above photos are from February 2010 and I really couldn't choose just one.
Thanks for reading this long (hopefully not long-winded)  post to the end and thanks for your "impossible" stories.
Have a nice and relaxing weekend,

nedelja, 10. februar 2013

Week 6 - February neighbourhood view

Here is the final February view - as you can see it's still winter. It snowed over the weekend a bit and there will be more snow on Tuesday. My hubby accompanied me on my 3-minute walk to the stream and he insisted to be included in the photo. Let him be in the limelight (for  a few minutes at least :-D ).
Have a lovely week,

sobota, 09. februar 2013

Week 6 - February view 2

This photo "from my sink"  was taken on the same day as the previous one.  As it is to the north of the house the sun makes all the difference. There was just some snow next to the river. I still have to take photo of  the view in our neighbourhood.
Have a nice weekend,

ponedeljek, 04. februar 2013

Week 6 - February view

The sun is shining today after a very dull and grey last week.
I am very proud that the view photos from last month are printed and ready to be put on a layout. I haven't decided on the format yet but will do it soon.
Have a nice week,

nedelja, 03. februar 2013

Week 5 indigo and violet

The only indigo thing I could find was a coloured pencil by Derwent called indigo. The colour is shown on the piece of paper. Unfortunately this is the first time the pencil was used but luckily the pencils don't grow old so one day I hope to have enough time to take up drawing or mixed media.

There is another box of craft supplies on standby and as I predicted the violet turned blue. In reality it is called dark violet and it actually is violet. The colour range sheet and the lid are in reality more pinkish but here they look like violet. A total mystery!!! I thought that a block of pure pigment would come out all right and that's why I didn't take photos of my collection of violet jewellery - anyway the result is the same :-D. 
Have a nice Sunday and see you next week.

petek, 01. februar 2013

Week 5 green and blue

The local supermarket has lots of spring plants on offer and I couldn't resist this hyacinth in a lovely green pot. It grows so fast you can almost see it.

There are three blue plates with Japanese motifs on our living room wall. I adore Japanese prints featuring waves.

Have a nice weekend,