nedelja, 24. februar 2013

Affairs of the heart 3 - songs

We don't have a special song with my husband as we have very different tastes in music. My three favourite songs are all sung in French. The first one was my absolute favourite during my teenage years - I was never happy in love then and I thought the words were just perfect. It was the winning song of the Eurovision contest in 1972, sung by Vicky Leandros, born in Greece but representing Luxembourg.

The second one is by Jacques Brel, Ne me quitte pas - Don't leave me. My favourite line is: " I would bring you pearl raindrops from a country  where it never rains."  He is still my favourite singer. His voice is unique.

The second favourite singer sings also in French but is quite different from Brel. His songs are light hearted and sometimes English. It's Joe Dassin and I love best his song "L'équipe `a Jojo" which is about friends and their carefree years when they were young.

And to finish this "heart" week I will add a photo of my decorations next to my papercrafts corner. I've just realized that it sums up perfectly the last three posts. There are the yellow decorations from my camera package (I couldn't throw them away), a card by my BFF and a card by a blog friend. I'd like to add this story here. We met just once at a polymer clay workshop but we read each other's blogs regularly. She makes wonderful "pickpoint" cards among other things and once I commented on a post that the image is too beautiful to be just a card - I would frame it and put it on the wall. Quite a few months after that it was my birthday and I got such a card from her - but I forgot all about my comment and she had to remind me why she sent me such a card. I was really moved that she was so thoughtful. We now exchange birthday and Christmas cards and I hope we can see each other in the future as well. Let me just add that Janice's idea of blog friends forever is so wonderful and true. Blogging can help you to "meet" people from all over the world that have the same interests and hobbies. I can't remember exactly how I found Suzie's challenge last year - I know I was a few days late in January - but I am sure it was meant to be. I love writing this blog and I love having so many new blog friends -  thank you again for being my faithful followers, readers and comment writers.

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  1. What a lovely post and such a gorgeous card. So agree with the bbf. x

  2. Yes it is lovely to meet you through our blogs.

  3. I also joined late, about day 24 I think, but it was good to do the year. I like this year too, more depth and less pressure each day x and so much to learn about everyone x