nedelja, 24. marec 2013

Five facts about me

It was another crazy week last week and I regret that I couldn't comment on any of your stories yet, I haven't written anything yet and I didn't manage to write additional posts on the theme of Laugh.
This post will be quite short as well and thank you for bearing with me and for posting such great stories.
1. I was born at home in the very house where I live now. In 1967 this was very uncommon but my mother decided she didn't need a hospital. All my life I disliked this village and was sure I would leave it as soon as I could. Well, I didn't live here during my studies but then I returned, got married and at present I like the house, the village and the life we live.
2. I don't have anything special to take if I leave the house. If I drive, I have to take my glasses which I never wear at home so this causes quite a lot of jogging up and down the stairs as I  usually start the car and find out that the world around me is in fact a blur.
3. The biggest and most positive influence is my eldest sister who is 16 years older than me. She is one of the nicest people I know. My mother was 42 when I was born so my sister was  a sort of second mother to me, much nicer and more patient than the real one.
4. My five seconds of fame were in 2010 when I wrote a book of English exercises with my best friend and colleague for a Slovenian publishing house. It is for 14-15 year-old students who are very good at English and want to make more progress. It was exhausting but so wonderful when the book was out. It is still a great feeling when students open the book and are amazed when they see who wrote it.
5. My oldest piece of clothing is the t-shirt in the photo. I bought it in 1985 in the south of France. I went backpacking around Europe with two  friends but two of our backpacks were stolen at the very beginning in Italy. We used part of the money to buy some clothes and simply went on carrying everything in a "Monoprix" plastic bag. We couldn't go to the UK because of money but we spent more time in France, Austria and Germany. I still wear the t-shirt from time to time and it still isn't falling apart.

Have a nice week, hope the snowstorms didn't cause you too much trouble.

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  1. Thank you Kristina, lovely things to share and don't you just love a soft old tee shirt! I save mine and hide them in the back of a drawer!

  2. Lovely facts about you and fantastic on having a book published, that is an accomplishment and the fact that it is still being used to educate others. x

  3. What a wonderful achievement to have a book published!

  4. Kris I don't know how but I missed this blog :(

    Well done on a book being published and still wearing that T shirt!!