torek, 12. marec 2013


This week is such a treat - I love laughing and what's more I think English sense of  humour is the best. Anna, thank you, I'm sure our posts will brighten our dull and / or hard days.
The first thing I thought about when I read the post was Shaun the Sheep. It's brilliant and if we watch it all together I laugh the most - my daughters often start rolling their eyes and saying "Well, mum.... ".

And to be completely up to date I'm adding the neighbourhood view. It's still muddy and wet but I managed to do it.

Have a nice week,

9 komentarjev:

  1. Oh Thank you Kristina, what a treat. I didn't know that one either, I have to start working a bit less, LOL. Bubbles popped into my office to see why I was laughing. Clever girl.
    Have a good week too. xxx

  2. Oh yes, I like shaun the sheep too :)

  3. Your suggestion is great-these are very talented sheep!
    I like it!
    Nice and peaceful night.
    / Will count sheep - smile! /

  4. I have never seen Shaun the sheep before!!
    Not sure about him!!!

  5. He makes mmr laugh as well.

  6. I have never heard of Shaun the Sheep but it was cute.

  7. i have never watched him either