sreda, 06. marec 2013

March view

My March view photo is almost identical to the February one! There is even more snow! Or rather was because that was two days ago. It's raining today and I came home too late to take a good photo of the kitchen view for the next prompt as it was too dark.
Well, I think it's time to show you my January pages. I enjoyed making them but then I wasn't sure if I liked them at the end. Now I must have my newer photos printed  and try again. I have a special folder and that is something important and new. The few scrapbook pages I've made during the last years are just kept in a pile somewhere. I decided on A4 format because of the size of the folder.

The white paper with black dots is really a pocket where I put two photos taken later in January.

my kitchen view on a sunny day

The first photo is glued on a "flap" that opens to reveal another view on a snowstorm day.

The first neighbourhood photo also....
... hides another one taken a bit closer.

Have a wonderful week,

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  1. Oh wow Kristina! I am so thrilled that you have joined in scrapping the photos as well. They look just brilliant, I love the colour schemes you have used, the fold down flap is a great idea, would you mind if I borrowed that as a design element one month?

    The jigsaw pieces and the banners are great touches.

    Thanks again, I have been thrilled to bits to see these this evening and I really hope you are happy with the project at the end of the year. xxx

  2. Kristina, those pages are lovely. Well done

  3. Well done Kristina with this view scrapping. In a year you will have a great record and lovely book too.
    More snow!! There is forecast of snow in UK at the end of the week probably in the north.

  4. Your pages are looking great, must get on and start mine!! x