petek, 01. marec 2013

Week 9 - quotation

“ Look closely. The beautiful may be small”  ~ Immanuel Kant
My brain was on holidays so I needed the whole week to find something small and beautiful. It is sunny today after a long time but the snow hasn't melted yet so I took the photos in the house.  I find the small daffodils and tulips as beautiful as my dying hyacinth. 
Have a nice weekend.

5 komentarjev:

  1. I couldn't think what the first photo was!!! I thought it was an exotic plant LOL!!

  2. Your dying hyacinth is very artistic looking.

  3. This is the hyacinth. Viv has a right - is really art!
    Beautiful flowers and photos!
    Thank you for your comments and concerns to us.
    /Today, my husband bought from Baumax / this is the Slovenian store chain / toilet cistern - also Slovenian!/
    Good luck!
    P.S. - You're right - another time, another world!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the holidays, great photos

  5. I had to read what others said to figure out the top photo was your hyacinth. LOL It is very artistic looking. I love the other pictures as well.