četrtek, 25. april 2013

Rest ...

 “ Make rest and refreshment a necessity, not a luxury”
I hope to post twice this week so today the photos are about rest. The quote is wonderful - objects break  if they are used too much, let alone people. There is a moment in everyone's life when you have to face the fact that you have to take care of  yourself because no one else will. 

Our balcony season finally started two weeks ago and I could just sit there and do nothing all day. I would read a little, crochet a little, put down some ideas into my jewellery sketchbook, eat something sweet and life couldn't be better.

My eyes have a rest when I look around - new leaves, new grass, so many flowers and blue sky.

My legs would badly need some jogging and stretching but first I have to have a rest.

And there's my family minus daughter number 2 enjoying unique family moments on a sunny day.
Have a wonderful time,

nedelja, 21. april 2013

Name that tune...

Tell us about the music which features in your memories..those songs which when they come on TV or the radio we are transported back to a time and place in our lives..

I must say that I didn't have lots of ideas because I didn't listen to music that much during my teens - that was in the 80s. I would have loved to but I didn't have lots of opportunities and time as well. What's more, I really forgot a lot about that time... I loved reading all your posts but again had no time or energy to comment.

I had to do a lot of thinking and my first thought went to the legendary Beatles - one of my school mates was obsessed by them and we followed her taste and fell in love with their evergreens like "Yesterday", "Hey Jude" or "Michelle".
The next song I remember is the song from the film "Love story" - we would always ask one of the schoolmates to play it on the piano in our music classroom. 
Then there was Bonnie Tyler with her "Heartache". I loved it because unfortunately I could totally relate to it.

Finally the music which really takes me back 30 years is Paul McCartney's album "Tug of War". I managed to buy it and I still have the vinyl record somewhere in the attic. I loved all the songs but my favourites were Here today and Somebody who cares.

I wish you all a lovely spring week - finally the daffodils and tulips are here and our house is being extensively cleaned and tidied. I can't wait for the next week when we are on holiday for a week.

sobota, 13. april 2013

Silver lining - vulnerable

The fourth word of "silver lining" suggested by Anne is vulnerable. I find it very interesting and I hope I understand it correctly.
On the outside I am not vulnerable at all. I am determined and tough and at school quite strict. But I know very well that some extremely hard situations from the past left me very vulnerable deep inside. I find my job more and more difficult every year and that makes me vulnerable as well. Do I eat anything special when I feel like that and that is almost every day? Biscuits, if there are any or something sweet. But most of all I find a quiet corner where I can be alone. In winter this is most often my bed but now it is a corner of my balcony where I can see the river flowing past the house. I don't need long hours - that's for summer - but just a short period of time to gather some strength to go on.
When I read Anne's post I remembered the fact that when I was a teenager I always listened to the river before going to bed - I would open the window for a few moments and listen to the sound of water. I still always find it relaxing and calming.

                                                     I brought out the chairs today.

                                             This is my beloved view.

                                             After so much rain the water looks perfect.

My April kitchen view finally shows some sunshine - the photo was taken on Wednesday, the first sunny day after months.

And to finish - my April neighbourhood view. I zoomed it from the road, it is still too muddy to take the photo from my chosen spot next to the footbridge.

Have a sunny and lovely weekend,

torek, 02. april 2013

April view

Hello again! March just disappeared - I don't really know how and when. It was a hard month in many ways but I survived and am back with my dull, muddy and wet view. There is some variety though - one day it snows and the other one it rains. Spring must have retired or what? Is another ice age starting? I really hope not.
I also hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

As I wouldn't like to skip a post I am adding a March mosaic to illustrate last week's quote. Lynn, thank you, it was awesome.
I always regret that I am so busy at this time of the year that I hardly notice the snowdrops and primroses and other tiny flowers. If I took just a short walk every day I would see so many miracles all around. But there is so much going on at work, it seems necessary to do the spring cleaning (at the end I skip most of it - this year due to disastrous weather) and there are some celebrations besides Easter.

I regret that all the cakes from the pictures have been eaten - they were yummy.
I wish you lovely weather, lots of lovely spring moments and all the best.