torek, 02. april 2013

April view

Hello again! March just disappeared - I don't really know how and when. It was a hard month in many ways but I survived and am back with my dull, muddy and wet view. There is some variety though - one day it snows and the other one it rains. Spring must have retired or what? Is another ice age starting? I really hope not.
I also hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

As I wouldn't like to skip a post I am adding a March mosaic to illustrate last week's quote. Lynn, thank you, it was awesome.
I always regret that I am so busy at this time of the year that I hardly notice the snowdrops and primroses and other tiny flowers. If I took just a short walk every day I would see so many miracles all around. But there is so much going on at work, it seems necessary to do the spring cleaning (at the end I skip most of it - this year due to disastrous weather) and there are some celebrations besides Easter.

I regret that all the cakes from the pictures have been eaten - they were yummy.
I wish you lovely weather, lots of lovely spring moments and all the best.

7 komentarjev:

  1. Goodness, with those snow drifts, you could be in Scotland! It looks much the same here, it's not melting quickly at all. Let's hope the spring comes soon

  2. Glad you managed to look around last week, like the collage you made, very Spring/Easter!

    We actually had a really sunny day today, it was lovely!

  3. Lovely Easter photos....hope the snow leaves soon and you get some warm weather, we have seen the sun but its still cold.

  4. So beautiful and so festive! Your photos have positive energy.
    Great post - thank you!
    Spring is around the corner!

  5. It looks really cold where you are. I hope you had a great Easter

  6. I hope Spring arrives for you soon. Lovely pictures and the cakes do look yummy!

  7. What a great idea to put the photos in a collage, works really well. Love the look of the cake and easter eggs.xx