nedelja, 21. april 2013

Name that tune...

Tell us about the music which features in your memories..those songs which when they come on TV or the radio we are transported back to a time and place in our lives..

I must say that I didn't have lots of ideas because I didn't listen to music that much during my teens - that was in the 80s. I would have loved to but I didn't have lots of opportunities and time as well. What's more, I really forgot a lot about that time... I loved reading all your posts but again had no time or energy to comment.

I had to do a lot of thinking and my first thought went to the legendary Beatles - one of my school mates was obsessed by them and we followed her taste and fell in love with their evergreens like "Yesterday", "Hey Jude" or "Michelle".
The next song I remember is the song from the film "Love story" - we would always ask one of the schoolmates to play it on the piano in our music classroom. 
Then there was Bonnie Tyler with her "Heartache". I loved it because unfortunately I could totally relate to it.

Finally the music which really takes me back 30 years is Paul McCartney's album "Tug of War". I managed to buy it and I still have the vinyl record somewhere in the attic. I loved all the songs but my favourites were Here today and Somebody who cares.

I wish you all a lovely spring week - finally the daffodils and tulips are here and our house is being extensively cleaned and tidied. I can't wait for the next week when we are on holiday for a week.

3 komentarji:

  1. Ahhh Kristina Iloved that Love Story film, I creid every time!
    Thanks for sharing your choices xx

  2. Interesting Khris that you and I are so similar with music in our youth!!

    Hope you are having a good holiday? xxx

  3. Ooh I remember the Bonnie Tyler one and her distinctive voice. Great choice. x