sobota, 13. april 2013

Silver lining - vulnerable

The fourth word of "silver lining" suggested by Anne is vulnerable. I find it very interesting and I hope I understand it correctly.
On the outside I am not vulnerable at all. I am determined and tough and at school quite strict. But I know very well that some extremely hard situations from the past left me very vulnerable deep inside. I find my job more and more difficult every year and that makes me vulnerable as well. Do I eat anything special when I feel like that and that is almost every day? Biscuits, if there are any or something sweet. But most of all I find a quiet corner where I can be alone. In winter this is most often my bed but now it is a corner of my balcony where I can see the river flowing past the house. I don't need long hours - that's for summer - but just a short period of time to gather some strength to go on.
When I read Anne's post I remembered the fact that when I was a teenager I always listened to the river before going to bed - I would open the window for a few moments and listen to the sound of water. I still always find it relaxing and calming.

                                                     I brought out the chairs today.

                                             This is my beloved view.

                                             After so much rain the water looks perfect.

My April kitchen view finally shows some sunshine - the photo was taken on Wednesday, the first sunny day after months.

And to finish - my April neighbourhood view. I zoomed it from the road, it is still too muddy to take the photo from my chosen spot next to the footbridge.

Have a sunny and lovely weekend,

5 komentarjev:

  1. Kristina, You have such a beautiful view it must help when you are feeling vulnerable

  2. Oh I too love the sound of running water, I find it very relaxing. Love your views and photos. xx

  3. What beautiful views Kristina ! I used to listen to the sea when I was young and it calmed me down too. xxx

  4. Interesting blogging on vulnerable, reminds me of how I was as a teacher, noone would have any idea about the real vulnerable me inside, thank goodness those days are over!!

    Lovely photos from your balcony and views this month xx