petek, 24. maj 2013

Party time

I am glad that we have another lovely challenge this week. I am half alive at the end of it so the post won't be very long.
In general I don't like parties because I am not very sociable. After working with people for nearly 25 years and having four children in five years I can only relax alone, far from any noise and people.
The other problem is that I have almost no photos from parties that I went to and liked. My eldest sister's 50th birthday party was the best. As she is a nice and funny person we could prepare so many sketches from her life and funny presents that it took several hours. We laughed all the time and whenever we mention the event in the family again we first laugh for a few minutes and then we start reminiscing. But I've found out that I haven't got a single photo! Time to take action to change that.
I also love parties that we organize with my colleagues and ex-colleagues. We meet, eat a lot, laugh and chat and chat and chat.

I must also mention all my daughters' parties - birthdays, graduations, communions and confirmations. I hope they will have plenty of nice memories and I love looking at those photos. But I can also remember how exhausting it was to prepare and organize everything. I made myself all their birthday cakes up to 12th-13th birthdays and we are all proud of that. Then they help me with the decorating. We used to go shopping together for chocolate or sugar hearts, flowers, animals etc and then we put everything on the cake!

                                                             (8 or 9 years ago)

Have a nice weekend, I hope it isn't as cold at your places as it is here (6°Celsius!).

sreda, 15. maj 2013


Even if it's a very busy time of the year I enjoy so many wonderful things: long days, sunny weather, gorgeous flowers, the fact that summer is almost here. 

Neighbourhood view - may

Enjoy these photos as well! Anna thank you for the lovely word for this week. It's always good to remember positive and nice things.
Have a nice week!

sreda, 08. maj 2013

May views and birthdays

Spring is finally here and we've had a few lovely days. This is today's view from my kitchen - there were storms not far from us and there was a lovely rainbow that I didn't manage to catch.

What a difference from last month! I love the bright greens and the yellow of the dandelions. The yellow is slowly changing to the white of the dandelion clocks which are also great.

My birthday was just before Easter so there was little time to celebrate it. My eldest daughter helped my husband to choose the flowers and I love the colours. I bought the cake -  I shared it with my second daughter who has her name day a few days before my birthday. It was a small celebration but we had a great time and we laughed a lot.

Have a nice week,