četrtek, 06. junij 2013

June view

I finally found some time and energy to catch up with our challenge. Many of you know exactly what this time of the year brings to teachers - work and exhaustion and more work. But here I am with my sixth view this year. The weather is still changeable all the time and quite cold as well as rainy. I really hope you are more lucky!

“ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
That was the quote last week and I agree with it. I just can't write a paragraph about it without deleting everything every few sentences. I might be just a little bit too lost in the service of others at the moment. It is extremely challenging to set the boundaries of one's activity and help especially after some bitter experiences - but that's life. So I will keep thinking about the quote and my thoughts will be hopefully clearer at some point. 

Have a lovely weekend,

5 komentarjev:

  1. It does sound as though you need a lovely break from all the busy work. I hope it comes quickly for you.
    I am sorry that you aren't having any nice settled weather, we are being very lucky at the moment and having beautiful, perfect June weather! xxx

  2. Yes, the weather here is typical June weather.
    How long have you got before the school holidays?
    Your view looks beautifully fresh and green

  3. Beautiful June views, Kristina. Hope you can relax during the week-end ! xxx

  4. Your views are a lovely lush green now, hope you get some sun and time soon. xx

  5. I will be thinking of you at the end of a schoolyear, I can still remember how busy I was and how excitable the children are at the end of their year and ready for long holidays!
    Thank you for thinking about my challenge, I know it wasn't easy!