četrtek, 13. junij 2013


As the last letter of SILVER (lining) Anna proposes the word relax. It's a wonderful word!
I can't wait to relax at the end of the school year in about two weeks. These days I am constantly tired but I am happy that I can finally relax in the sun and I take great pleasure in watching my flowers grow. I took an Art Journaling workshop a few weeks ago and my first attempts at starting a journal help me to relax as well.
Have a lovely weekend,


5 komentarjev:

  1. Beautiful flowers and your art journal colors are fabulous. Have a great week-end too. x

  2. What a beauty - great! It is really relaxing! Congratulations!
    I love this art journal!
    Thank you for your comments on my blog!
    Wish you beautiful weather and nice weekend!

  3. Roll on the end of term, I haven't forgotten the feeling on the first day of the summer hols...mind you usually in school finishing clearing up and prepping for the next term!!

    Wonderful flowers you have on your balcony xxx

    Well done starting an art journal, I tried but it wasn't my cup of tea!

  4. Lovely photos. I am also hoping to start Art Journalling but haven't got round to it yet.
    I also remember the first day of the holidays and also how it took me a day or two to unwind.

  5. Beautiful flowers. I have never tried to do an art journal but I am not a very good artist so I don't think it would work for me. Good luck on yours.