sreda, 31. julij 2013

A photo a day

We've just returned from our wonderful and relaxing holiday in Croatia and I can only do things very slowly. I love the feeling where I allow myself to be slow and totally relaxed.

The water was warm and I swam a lot, really a lot. One day my husband woke me about 6 am and he went jogging while I was the first one in the water on a huge beach.

I lost no weight though as there was a bakery next to the beach and we were regular customers. Everything was so delicious...

In the garden everything is growing slowly with the exception of my flowers which are just lovely. 

Last week I really enjoyed beautiful nature and some peace and quiet. And that is also what I most appreciate in general. During winter I often look at photos from the summer to refill my batteries. Right now they are full and I also appreciate the fact that we could afford the holiday despite the difficult economical situation in our country.

I can't promise to post a photo every day, but I will try my best.
Enjoy summer, 

sreda, 17. julij 2013

Nostalgia - food

What a nice post to write just before going on holidays! The next two days will be spent packing and doing household chores so here is my story.
When I was a child I ate very little because I was very slim and short but I couldn't be choosy. One had to eat what was cooked at home that day. If you didn't like it you didn't get anything else. All children ate at school at about 10 am (school started at 8 and finished at 12.30 or 1 pm)and we went home for lunch. Most of our mothers didn't work and those who did came home at 2.30 or 3 pm and then cooked. Some students ate lunch at school but I rarely did that  and can't remember any school lunches.
I remember one special school snack that we all loved - we got a mug of hot cocoa and a 5 centimetre slice of "milk bread" as we called it. It was fresh from the local bakery and it was like cake. We ate it without anything else.
I had only one cake for my birthday - I don't really know why I had it only when I was 6 - perhaps because cakes were expensive and we didn't have lots of money. I remember it was special but not very tasty as there was way too much butter or margarine.
I went to France lots of times and most memories connected to unusual food are from my student years. I was often very embarrassed because I didn't know how to start eating and waited to see what the others did - that applies mainly to shrimps, shells and fish which weren't on the menu at home.

In my own family I started many new traditions - I baked all my children's birthday cakes and they always ate all of them. I put in plenty of fruit and cream and poured plenty of juice over so that they weren't dry.
I baked lots and lots of biscuits and pastries. I am not so fond of cooking and I obsess that I still can't cook very well. My daughters remind me that they are all grown up, not overweight, eating nearly everything so I must have fed them all right.
My husband comes from another part of the country and he brought some traditions with him. The favourite one is the "fila" in the photo that we make and eat at Easter and perhaps once more during the year if there is a special party. It is made from lots of bread, eggs, meat and some spices and then baked as you can see. The loaves are then sliced and eaten with horseradish sauce (we prefer horseradish with cream or with apples). We all love it.

Christmas and Easter (or any other special occasion )are the times when we bake and eat "potica" , our national cake. I love baking it. My signature one is made with hazelnuts but there are lots of other variations (walnuts, poppy seeds, cottage cheese, honey, apples...).

I wish you all a nice remainder of the week and a wonderful summer weekend.
If the wi-fi connection works in Croatia I will post next week from the seaside but I can't be sure.
Take care,

petek, 12. julij 2013


It's Anna's week and we are starting the second word of Silver Lining - L is for Lucky.
I was busy thinking about it for several days and had different ideas about what to write.
The first one was that  I was really lucky to give birth to my daughters relatively easily. I had this idea when recently one of my best friends became grandma for the first time and the delivery lasted for a long time, got complicated and ended with a Cesarean. And then I read Vivienne's post - I am very happy for you, Vivienne.
Then I thought about the fact that  I have a long holiday and that I am extremely lucky right now but also during the year. To have a job that you quite like means that you are very lucky these days.
But I decided to post a photo of me crocheting. I think I am extremely lucky to find the time and energy to be creative and also to live in such a wonderful place. I can never be bored, there are always so many hobbies I am interested in and even more chores to do around the house. I didn't think in this way a few years ago, I took so many things for granted. I have seen in several cases what boredom and lack of creativity can do to people and how hard it is for them to live. Worse,  it's even harder for other people to live with them.
I wish you a wonderful weekend,

petek, 05. julij 2013

July views

A perfect summer day shot - but now two hours later, it's cloudy and there might be storms. I don't mind really because it's my third day of holidays and I really enjoy every moment!

my kitchen view

Have a wonderful weekend, full of lovely summer weather!