petek, 12. julij 2013


It's Anna's week and we are starting the second word of Silver Lining - L is for Lucky.
I was busy thinking about it for several days and had different ideas about what to write.
The first one was that  I was really lucky to give birth to my daughters relatively easily. I had this idea when recently one of my best friends became grandma for the first time and the delivery lasted for a long time, got complicated and ended with a Cesarean. And then I read Vivienne's post - I am very happy for you, Vivienne.
Then I thought about the fact that  I have a long holiday and that I am extremely lucky right now but also during the year. To have a job that you quite like means that you are very lucky these days.
But I decided to post a photo of me crocheting. I think I am extremely lucky to find the time and energy to be creative and also to live in such a wonderful place. I can never be bored, there are always so many hobbies I am interested in and even more chores to do around the house. I didn't think in this way a few years ago, I took so many things for granted. I have seen in several cases what boredom and lack of creativity can do to people and how hard it is for them to live. Worse,  it's even harder for other people to live with them.
I wish you a wonderful weekend,

4 komentarji:

  1. What a nice photo Kristina. Well done and have a great week-end too ! xxx

  2. I used to love to crochet. Maybe I should start again. I very seldom ever get bored. There is just too many things to do, like you said. That is a great picture!

  3. Kristina love seeing you and it is a lovely 'peaceful' photo too xx

    This spring I started to learn to crochet, finding it quite difficult but determined to learn, like you I have so many creative things I want to and do do!!

    Enjoy the holidays and refresh for the demanding job you do... I did for 24yrs! xxx

  4. I love crotcheting but haven't done any for a while.
    It is a great photo of you looking so relaxed. I, too, was a teacher, before I retired and like you loved my job. Enjoy your holidays.