torek, 13. avgust 2013

Irrelevant and photos for last week

I always have many craft projects going on - at least in my head - and different messy corners in the house and garden that I want to tidy just stay that way. I've been talking about sorting all our shoes for a year but ... I don't get to it. There is always a book to read, a card to make, some blogs to read, Pinterest to check....and tasks that are not urgent just get postponed. My house will probably never be neat and clean - but I love my life and that's what matters most, everything else is irrelevant. Point made!
I'm catching up with the prompts for last week (now I know why I prefer the weekly challenge to the daily one - a lot!):

 August kitchen view

August neighbourhood view + my shadow

drink - water and sometimes elderberry juice

no more stones brought from the seaside - just these souvenirs

plenty of books for sweet things to bake
The book I  read last week - loved it!

Have a wonderful week! 

6 komentarjev:

  1. I agree with you saying nothing else really matters as long as you love your life

  2. Glad you too are not a slave to tidiness, think most crafty peeps are the same. Must look at that book :)

  3. I agree that there are many more things in life more important than worrying about a tidy house. If you are happy, that is all that matters.

  4. If we were having a contest of the less tidy house, I probably would win ! Enjoy your week ! xx

  5. much better to enjoy your time then be tidy :)

  6. I do so agree with your way of thinking, much more important to be happy with your life than tidy. xx