sobota, 24. avgust 2013

Nostalgia - how things change

I meant to blog every day but life got in the way again. It was my last week of a long holiday and I am very grateful for that but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like a few additional weeks...
How do things change? My mother was a stay at home mother all her life as most of her generation but now the great majority of mothers work. Sometimes my family depends more  on my income than on my husband's as he is self employed. That was unthinkable forty some years ago.
As for my jobs I belong very much to the 20th century - meaning that I've had the one and same job for more than twenty years just in three different schools. So I can't really talk about my best job. I like it and I think it is not that special but very exhausting.
My dream job would be to become a full time materials writer or teacher trainer. But I know very well that this is really just a dream.
The worst job? It wasn't a real job but some weeks we had to work in different factories in every year of our secondary school (luckily that doesn't exist any longer - it was an experiment in 1980s). In my first year I worked in a factory that made some parts connected with electricity in cars. My task was to cut a thousand 50 centimetre wires a day. It was awful! In my second year I worked in a nearby uranium mine and I had literally nothing - NOTHING -  to do for 8 hours every day. I thought I would die of boredom.
So I really have no nostalgia for my past also because the first few years of teaching are so very hard - there are so many things to learn and do. I enjoy it much more now than let's say ten years ago.
i hope you are all well and wish a lovely weekend.

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  1. Love these flowers Kristina, beautiful.
    Having nothing to do is also my worst nightmare. Hopefully currently, it's not the case !
    Have a great week-end too, xxx

  2. you never know with dreams- they might just come true.

  3. Good luck with the new term.

  4. Guess today you are now back at work, best wishes xxx

    Interesting how our parents generation the mother rarely worked and everyone stuck to one job too!!