sreda, 07. avgust 2013

Time and green

How much time is twenty years? This pile of photos! My daughter is 20 next week and I've sorted our family photos so that she can get her own. That's how I used my morning today.

I've got mixed feelings as to those 20 years - they passed so quickly and I was so busy most of the time but on the other hand it is a long period if you look how much she's had to learn from autumn 1993 when she was a baby in my lap to the young student she is today.

In spite of the heat my garden is lovely green and I am very proud of my "cottage garden" flowers.

Have a (n)ice day,

6 komentarjev:

  1. What a good idea to give her those photos now!
    You have some lovely flowers in your garden, a lot of ours are dying off now!

  2. Funny, I have been sorting through family photos as well. I am going to give some of them to my grown children and some to other family members (some were my mother's pictures). Your garden is very pretty. I love colorful flowers.

  3. Oh yes the flowers are gorgeous :)

    I love the idea of having a fixed date for handing over photo :)

  4. That will be a lot of photos to go through, what a nice idea though, she will love seeing the photos.

  5. That is a task I am putting off because not only do I have the childrens photos I also have to sort out grandparents photos as well

  6. Time does fly, scray when it only seems like yesterday they were entering the world!! Flowers are looking beautiful. xx