nedelja, 29. september 2013


Tell us this week about some friendships that have grown over the years.
About friends you have lost touch with and why?

A few weeks ago I did a questionnaire about introverts on Facebook. I'd heard the word before but didn't really know its meaning. As it happens I am a textbook introvert and that's probably the reason why I don't have many friends. In fact I have none left from primary school or even secondary school. I love reading your stories about life long friends but no such luck for me.  I am very happy though that I have a group of friends that I met through work or while travelling or attending creative workshops as an adult. 
The fact that I lost touch with quite a number of people that I thought of as friends is still painful if I start thinking about it. Well, that's life and I am happy with what I have.

As for the second part of the challenge I have really nothing special to show - I work and I have lots of housework to do and that's my week. There are great changes in our village as a new road is being built and the river banks have been cleared. 

That was the scene behind our house yesterday afternoon. 

 I am looking forward to October even if it will be different this year as already two of my daughters will live and study in the capital.
I wish you a nice week,

četrtek, 19. september 2013


I loved school from day one. I started the so-called "little school" three afternoons a week when I was 5 and at the end of the school year I had to sit a test because I was born in March and wasn't automatically accepted into class one. I did well and I went to real school in autumn otherwise I would go to little school one more year. I was thus a year younger than other students but it didn't bother me. I was alone at home, my mother was extremely controlling, I had no friends in my part of the village and school was a welcome change for an independent child like me. From class 1 to 4 I went to school in the afternoons (1pm to 5pm) and those who lived further from our village came in the morning (8am to noon).
I was often disappointed in my school mates during the 12 years of primary and secondary school but I loved learning new things. I also had some excellent teachers and some very bad ones. That's probably why I chose to be a teacher - to try to make a difference. I still love teaching  and I like  bright or interesting students and students who try hard even if they aren't very talented for foreign languages.
My daughters probably got this from me - but they all liked / like school and there were hardly any scenes when they didn't want to do a task or homework. They all went to the same primary school as me but the school has been constantly renovated during the forty some years since my first class. It was then exactly that the school was built. I was also in the first generation to enter a new secondary school in the town where I work now.

                                           my primary school (6-15 year olds)

                                             my secondary school (15-19 year olds)

Have a nice autumn weekend,

nedelja, 15. september 2013


It was Anna's challenge this week and we are at the ninth letter of the SILVER LINING, N is for nickname. It's a lovely challenge and I enjoyed reading your stories and looking at your photos from the additional challenge. I was so busy that I had to pass this one but I thought about nicknames all week long.
The nicknames that we have in our family would be lost by translation and we don't really have lots of them.
When one of my nephews was young we called him "brush" or "brushy" because of his cropped hair. As a teenager he let his hair grow and wore it in a ponytail so the  name was lost.
In Slovenian we can make diminutives by adding some letters to words or names. For example, "hiša" means "house", "hišica" is "little house". I hated when other people called or call me "Kristinca" pronounced "kristintsa". I can't tell you how much I still hate that nickname.
When I read Anna's post about her first car, a Fiat 650, called "pot de yaourt" in French, I laughed so much because I remembered my first two cars. They had nicknames as well.
My first was a dark blue Fiat 750, I got it in 1991. We called those cars "Fičko" (fitchko)because of the name Fiat, but the first owner of my car, a lovely funny nurse from the south of Slovenia, called it "Murči" (murchi)which is a name sometimes given to cats or dogs. The car was the most temperamental car ever. It broke down whenever or whereever it liked without any logical reason.

My second car was a Polish Fiat 126, which was called every nickname under the sun. One of the most common was "flea" or "little flea" (bolha, bolhca). It was less temperamental but so so small. I sold it only when we had three girls already. My class brought me a giant teddy bear the last day before my maternity leave started for my third daughter and I could hardly put it into my car. I saw lots of strange looks and smiles during my 30 kilometre journey home.

                                       When my girls grew up we gave it to the nearest safe house.

                                              Wow, mine was exactly the same colour!!!

That's my story about nicknames. Anna, thank you again for the lovely challenge and for inspiration. By the way, I often talked to those two cars (come on, don't you dare stop...) or told them off when they broke down ;-D.
Have a nice week,

petek, 06. september 2013

September views

Finally Friday and I can relax a bit. The past two weeks were very busy but they went quite well and I am looking forward to the routine of the following weeks - it takes much less energy than new beginnings or changes.
I changed the view a little - it was taken from a skylight in my daughter's room.

                                               the usual view

                                                 the one with my flowers - so proud of them!

                                                  the kitchen view

                                            These are my "neighbourhood" photos for this month.  
Have a  nice weekend!