nedelja, 29. september 2013


Tell us this week about some friendships that have grown over the years.
About friends you have lost touch with and why?

A few weeks ago I did a questionnaire about introverts on Facebook. I'd heard the word before but didn't really know its meaning. As it happens I am a textbook introvert and that's probably the reason why I don't have many friends. In fact I have none left from primary school or even secondary school. I love reading your stories about life long friends but no such luck for me.  I am very happy though that I have a group of friends that I met through work or while travelling or attending creative workshops as an adult. 
The fact that I lost touch with quite a number of people that I thought of as friends is still painful if I start thinking about it. Well, that's life and I am happy with what I have.

As for the second part of the challenge I have really nothing special to show - I work and I have lots of housework to do and that's my week. There are great changes in our village as a new road is being built and the river banks have been cleared. 

That was the scene behind our house yesterday afternoon. 

 I am looking forward to October even if it will be different this year as already two of my daughters will live and study in the capital.
I wish you a nice week,

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  1. Very nice post - I agree with you Kristina.
    " In life everything is possible, but over the years - more and more difficult." (Boris Krutier)
    Few, but true friends.
    The change in you is greater - your daughters will learn in the capital. The house will be a little desolate. That's life - children grow.
    Successful new week!

  2. Kristina what a huge change for you this Autumn! I hop that road doesn't spoil the country side too much, I will be interested in more photos as the work progresses.
    Thank you for attempting my challenge as sorry it was a little painful to reflect

  3. I can really relate to this post Kristina and understand. It will be lovely to have two of your daughters need you again. xx

  4. Kristina, I know just what you mean about losing friends being hurtful or painful. I am, now, old enough though (66) just to accept and enjoy the friends I have.