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It was Anna's challenge this week and we are at the ninth letter of the SILVER LINING, N is for nickname. It's a lovely challenge and I enjoyed reading your stories and looking at your photos from the additional challenge. I was so busy that I had to pass this one but I thought about nicknames all week long.
The nicknames that we have in our family would be lost by translation and we don't really have lots of them.
When one of my nephews was young we called him "brush" or "brushy" because of his cropped hair. As a teenager he let his hair grow and wore it in a ponytail so the  name was lost.
In Slovenian we can make diminutives by adding some letters to words or names. For example, "hiša" means "house", "hišica" is "little house". I hated when other people called or call me "Kristinca" pronounced "kristintsa". I can't tell you how much I still hate that nickname.
When I read Anna's post about her first car, a Fiat 650, called "pot de yaourt" in French, I laughed so much because I remembered my first two cars. They had nicknames as well.
My first was a dark blue Fiat 750, I got it in 1991. We called those cars "Fičko" (fitchko)because of the name Fiat, but the first owner of my car, a lovely funny nurse from the south of Slovenia, called it "Murči" (murchi)which is a name sometimes given to cats or dogs. The car was the most temperamental car ever. It broke down whenever or whereever it liked without any logical reason.

My second car was a Polish Fiat 126, which was called every nickname under the sun. One of the most common was "flea" or "little flea" (bolha, bolhca). It was less temperamental but so so small. I sold it only when we had three girls already. My class brought me a giant teddy bear the last day before my maternity leave started for my third daughter and I could hardly put it into my car. I saw lots of strange looks and smiles during my 30 kilometre journey home.

                                       When my girls grew up we gave it to the nearest safe house.

                                              Wow, mine was exactly the same colour!!!

That's my story about nicknames. Anna, thank you again for the lovely challenge and for inspiration. By the way, I often talked to those two cars (come on, don't you dare stop...) or told them off when they broke down ;-D.
Have a nice week,

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  1. I just sat on the computer at home and saw your post-
    Congratulations - great post!
    Zastava - excellent brand!

  2. Thank you for your post Kristina, it was lovely. Have a great week, xxx

  3. Great memories, our first cars are special to us aren't they. xxx