četrtek, 19. september 2013


I loved school from day one. I started the so-called "little school" three afternoons a week when I was 5 and at the end of the school year I had to sit a test because I was born in March and wasn't automatically accepted into class one. I did well and I went to real school in autumn otherwise I would go to little school one more year. I was thus a year younger than other students but it didn't bother me. I was alone at home, my mother was extremely controlling, I had no friends in my part of the village and school was a welcome change for an independent child like me. From class 1 to 4 I went to school in the afternoons (1pm to 5pm) and those who lived further from our village came in the morning (8am to noon).
I was often disappointed in my school mates during the 12 years of primary and secondary school but I loved learning new things. I also had some excellent teachers and some very bad ones. That's probably why I chose to be a teacher - to try to make a difference. I still love teaching  and I like  bright or interesting students and students who try hard even if they aren't very talented for foreign languages.
My daughters probably got this from me - but they all liked / like school and there were hardly any scenes when they didn't want to do a task or homework. They all went to the same primary school as me but the school has been constantly renovated during the forty some years since my first class. It was then exactly that the school was built. I was also in the first generation to enter a new secondary school in the town where I work now.

                                           my primary school (6-15 year olds)

                                             my secondary school (15-19 year olds)

Have a nice autumn weekend,

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  1. Hello Kristina, I am always amazed when People went to school with green and trees around. Marseille even then was a very big city and living in the center, there was no grass or trees to be seen anywhere around my school. Just cars and noise. Your secondary school looks like a university. Beautiful ! Have a great week-end too, xxx

  2. What lovely memories you have thank you for sharing.

  3. Very nice post. Congratulations Kristina!
    Really like your peace of mind. I'm sure you're a great teacher and you love your job.
    For me it was very interesting to see your schools.
    I am glad that we are part of this challenge - Lucky Snapping in 2013!
    Pleasant autumn days!
    And - Thank you!

  4. Very interesting Kristina, it is so interesting to hear how our memories of school are all different in some ways, geography, environment etc, but similar in others, getting away from parents lol. x

  5. It is interesting to read about how schools are different depending on where you are from. Our school days were from 8:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. School was much more fun back in my days compared to how it is now.

  6. So good to hear that you enjoyed your school days and your daughters have to. Interesting that they inspired you to teach as well. xx

  7. What an interesting blog about your school days...I still have to do mine, playing catch up :(