petek, 06. september 2013

September views

Finally Friday and I can relax a bit. The past two weeks were very busy but they went quite well and I am looking forward to the routine of the following weeks - it takes much less energy than new beginnings or changes.
I changed the view a little - it was taken from a skylight in my daughter's room.

                                               the usual view

                                                 the one with my flowers - so proud of them!

                                                  the kitchen view

                                            These are my "neighbourhood" photos for this month.  
Have a  nice weekend!

5 komentarjev:

  1. Ni sign of autumn with you, still beautiful green countryside ! xxx

  2. Lovely photos from your home. Here our flowers are past there best, Autumn has really decided these past 2 days to arrive with Sept :(

    Glad you are now in a routine with work again, think it is hard after a long summer break!

  3. Lovely views. I'm glad to read you are settling down into work.

  4. Beautiful views. The flowers are all so pretty.

  5. Your view is looking so beautifully green and flowers are stunning, mine have all gone now :( xx