ponedeljek, 21. oktober 2013

Nostalgia - changes, quote - laughter

After a crazy week and an even crazier weekend I am catching up with the challenge.


Tell us about the biggest lifestyle changes in your lifetime.

Tell us how things changed for you from how your Mum lived.

The biggest changes in my life are undoubtedly related to computer technology. One can't believe how hard it was to study foreign languages and teach them without the Internet, smart boards or even photocopiers.
To compare my life with my mum's is even harder because our country used to be far behind the developed western Europe even towards the end of the 20th century. In 1980s there were really few cars in the villages and people travelled to and from work by bus. We got our first phone landline in 1990s - and every family was obliged to dig manually a certain length of ditch for the cables. They also had to pay lots of money. My parents grew up in houses without electricity or running water.

 Laptops, Kindles, tablets - that sounds like science fiction even to my older sisters! But I love all this new technology. I can see myself as an old lady using any computer-like machines (not yet invented) at leisure.


Can you remember the last time you had a good belly laugh?
What makes you really laugh? Do you laugh as much now as you did when you were younger?
I definitely love laughing and I laugh a lot (really a lot) more now than when I was younger. I like my life and the small circle of friends that I have and I find lots to laugh about. I often laugh at myself - my confused and forgetful mind, many absurd things that can happen only to me or my family, my clumsiness...
When I work really hard (like these past few weeks) I love watching comedies and sitcoms at the end of the day to unwind. I've had so many belly laughs lately watching old episodes of "Keeping up appearances". French comic strips such as Asterix or Tintin make me also laugh.
                                              I love that kind of humour!

                                                      They are so funny!
Have a good week! I am looking forward to the autumn holidays next week. Hope you have something to look forward to and lots of things that make you laugh.

petek, 11. oktober 2013


What a truly wonderful word - thank you Anna! I can't believe that there are only two letters of "silver lining" left.
After reading your wonderful posts I am mostly hungry but also very happy because of so many beautiful photos.
What I find irresistible:

- biscuits, cakes, cake pops, anything sweet but also recipe books and magazines - yesterday I bought a new book "Macaroons" (yummy!)

- craft books and magazines - lately especially this German magazine for knitting, sewing, crochet and embroidery; the projects are awesome

- craft materials - "I won't buy any more materials" is my most often broken resolution

- beautiful colours anywhere - especially the warm autumn colours.

Oh, weekends and free time are also sort of irresistible.
Have a wonderful weekend,

nedelja, 06. oktober 2013

October views

My south view is still lovely and green but it is very cold these days. My flowers broke all the records this year though - they are still in bloom! The usual time to throw them away was from August 15th to mid September in the previous years.

There are big changes to the north and east of the house.

                                                  That was before.

                                              That's now. The new road that will be built is necessary but it takes   some time to get used to the lack of trees and bushes.

   The river seems much closer to my study / craft corner and I feel that our house is too visible  to the traffic going along the main road.

Have a nice autumn week - the gorgeous colours are already starting to show and I love that.