petek, 11. oktober 2013


What a truly wonderful word - thank you Anna! I can't believe that there are only two letters of "silver lining" left.
After reading your wonderful posts I am mostly hungry but also very happy because of so many beautiful photos.
What I find irresistible:

- biscuits, cakes, cake pops, anything sweet but also recipe books and magazines - yesterday I bought a new book "Macaroons" (yummy!)

- craft books and magazines - lately especially this German magazine for knitting, sewing, crochet and embroidery; the projects are awesome

- craft materials - "I won't buy any more materials" is my most often broken resolution

- beautiful colours anywhere - especially the warm autumn colours.

Oh, weekends and free time are also sort of irresistible.
Have a wonderful weekend,

5 komentarjev:

  1. I think we must be alike because everything you say is irresistible to you is also irresistible to me.

  2. A lot of things you find irresistible I find so as well. Have a wonderful weekend. I love the fall pictures.

  3. I just love your broken resolution, mine too LOL!!

    Our trees are just beginning to change colour, hope to do a park walk next week and take our annual photos!!

  4. Yes, I agree with all your 'irresistible's' wholeheartedly :-) xxx

  5. Love all your irresistible's. The colours in those tree and sky are lovely. x