nedelja, 06. oktober 2013

October views

My south view is still lovely and green but it is very cold these days. My flowers broke all the records this year though - they are still in bloom! The usual time to throw them away was from August 15th to mid September in the previous years.

There are big changes to the north and east of the house.

                                                  That was before.

                                              That's now. The new road that will be built is necessary but it takes   some time to get used to the lack of trees and bushes.

   The river seems much closer to my study / craft corner and I feel that our house is too visible  to the traffic going along the main road.

Have a nice autumn week - the gorgeous colours are already starting to show and I love that.

6 komentarjev:

  1. I agree with you Kristina, cutting trees is always a pity. Have a nice week. I prepared something nice for our next challenge, it should make us all feel better. xxx

  2. What a difference in the 2 photos. It is such a shame the shrubs and trees have gone. I do hope they will plant more when they have finished with the road.

  3. Hmm that is some difference and such a shame all the trees have had to go. I do hope the road won't be too close to you. x

  4. How sad to see those trees go and the road seems as if it will be closer to you :( Hope the school term is being kind to you? xx

  5. Really big modification.
    /I also prefer the house, hidden behind the trees. I think the trees are removed not only because of the way but also because of the river too!
    They are victims of civilization./

  6. Sometimes progress is very nice for those closest to it. It's a shame they had to remove the trees, etc.