sobota, 16. november 2013

No limit

The "silver lining" challenge by Anna and her exceptional story about climbing are wonderful but when I have to write about it myself I find it quite challenging. I feel very limited indeed and can't embrace the concept that the sky is the limit. It sounds a bit too American to my way of thinking, no offense meant, of course. I hope you understand what I mean.
After reflecting about it during the week I nevertheless remembered that once I touched a real snake with one finger during a presentation in spite of my great phobia of snakes. It is also quite an achievement to give birth to four children in five years and to raise them almost single handedly while keeping a job.
Have a wonderful weekend,

4 komentarji:

  1. Well done Kristina. You are absolutely right, both are quite an achievement !! xxx

  2. Love the one re touching the snake as I can fully understand that achievement, I managed to touch one with a finger tip as well and was surprised at how smooth it felt. Take my hat off to you with four children and holding down a job, that in itself if very challenging, I found two girls enough for me to deal with. Well done. xxx

  3. It is really difficult to go out of your comfort zone. Touching a snake would be well out of mine.

  4. Kristina I too raised 2 children for 6yrs as a single Mum and now realise it was a challenge I could have talked about!!! but |I didn't. I think like you I have never tried to be challenged in life!