sobota, 21. december 2013

Christmas nostalgia

What I would really love to change about Christmas is the whole month of December, which is so busy and exhausting. I long for some peaceful, quiet days because these are my ingredients for an ideal holiday.
Some of the traditions in my family were started after we had children - handmade decorations, -Advent calendars, - home-baked special biscuits, - hazelnut "potica" cake (the most usual one is made from nuts and raisins), handmade cards. The religious traditions are carried on from our parents.
The only shopping I have to do is the shopping for food and this can be a nightmare - I always forget something essential when I do the huge "last before the holidays" shopping. This year, when I came home I found out that I have almost no flour but lots of baking to do at the weekend. So a daughter or the hubby is usually dispatched to the shop in our village.
I enjoy every minute with my children because they are funny with a special sense of humor.  So these are the best stories. There are other people who annoy me in spite of the special day and I try not to let them get to me which is sometimes a huge challenge.

My most special Christmas was probably the one I spent at the maternity ward 19 years ago - my second daughter's birthday is tomorrow. The Christmas festivities in my childhood were strictly religious and somewhat secretive, as it was a normal working day - the holiday didn't exist in the socialist Yugoslavia. I think it was more authentic in a way, because it was celebrated in the right spirit. On the other hand, we often had tests at school on the very day which was probably ordered by authorities just to annoy the people who celebrated the day.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and a happy and blessed new year 2014. Thank you for reading this blog and commenting on it throughout the year.

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  1. Family is what Christmas is all about. Thank you for sharing some of your traditions. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. xx

  2. I agree with you Christina. Xmas is exhausting but have a beautiful one and a Happy New year, xxx

  3. I often wonder why we do it to ourselves for just one day but I love Christmas time and the family get togethers.
    It is lovely to hear you managed to celebrate Christmas in a socialist country.
    Have a really great Christmas.

  4. Ahh Kristins, I know how you mean, to really enjoy the day for itself and not to please all the demands of what we think it should be. Your children will remember all your efforts xx Hope you join in the 2014 picture blog here.. x

  5. Hope you get some relaxed time over the festive period, xxx