nedelja, 01. december 2013

Learning and autumn nostalgia

“ Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford 
“You cannot open a book without learning something.” Confucius

I haven't blogged for two weeks but it doesn't seem that long - which is to say that days fly faster and faster. It's a busy time of the year for everyone. 

I especially love learning new crafts and new techniques which is in fact a disadvantage because I just try and try new things but never really push a technique to perfection and/or the stage where my own style becomes evident. 
I can't write about what I learned every day because I didn't stop long enough to think about it let alone take a photo. But at the beginning of the month I took a workshop with Bettina Welker and learned to make a hinged bracelet. It is an awesome project - but I also learned that a craft is similar to a sport. If you don't practise you can't keep fit. My polymer clay skills are rusted, I am slow and not accurate enough. 
Enough moaning - I do believe with all my heart that learning and being curious or open to new things makes us vital and young regardless of age. Both quotes for this week are beautiful and true. 

    I had to try several positions to take the photo so as to hide the imperfections and mistakes.


I love the change in the hour at the end of October because winter time is natural but I really hate the change in the hour in spring. It disturbs my natural rhythm so much that I often fall ill, I can't sleep at night and I am half dead in the morning. I can't see any good reasons to change the hour. 
Otherwise there are only two things that I like about autumn - the October colours and fresh apples. When I was younger I helped my father with the ladders and baskets in our garden (we had 4 very old and big apple trees) and I absolutely loved to pick apples in sunny weather - there is nothing as yummy as a warm fresh organic apple.
As for Halloween or Guy Fawkes - we don't have those holidays and I really don't miss them. I try to survive the autumn as well as I can but my favourite part of the year is from December to 15th August. 
Have a nice week and sorry for not commenting on your posts,

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  1. its a lovely bracelet and I know what u mean about wanting to try everything :)

  2. Kristina I know exactly what you mean about learninga new technique or craft at a workshop, coming home enthused but then never learningit properly LOL!! Thank you for blogging for my challenge week.xx
    Yes doesn't time fly by!!
    Love your bracelet x

  3. Lovely braclet and I have to agree with you and Helen and Lynne about wanting to learn everything but never perfecting. Maybe that should be a joint new years resolution to perfect one craft lol. xx

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