torek, 30. december 2014

December photo advent-ure and weeks 48-45

Long time no see, dear friends!
To take a decent leave of 2014 I somehow managed to make some photos for this last post in our Lucky7s challenge.


3. Pine cones on my cards were blue, violet and orange this year.

4. + 15. The only indoor lights are part of our nativity scene. 

6. This were our Christmas drinks - yummy cocktail chocolates found on special offer.

8. Our Christmas tree - the first 2015 resolution is to make enough knitted balls for the whole tree so that I'll be able to make a snowflake garland.

11. Reindeer - a gift from IKEA :-D.

16. Candles decorated with washi tape waiting to be used during the holidays.

17. There was a lot of glitter on my cards this year which is something new - I used to hate glitter. Am I really (really) getting old or what?

18. +19. Wrapping paper and presents ready to deliver - we had two important birthdays in December. This is our 2nd daughter on her 20th just before Christmas and our 3rd was 18 on December 6th.

20. the 2014 pile of Christmas cards

21. lots and lots of food and cake preparation every day

23. my favourite decoration - angels handmade by me about 15 years ago

24. Christmas weather - It was warm, rainy and green, but just after Christmas it started to snow so it's a white Christmas in fact which is just lovely.

31. A big blanket that I made in 2014 (Moogly crochet - a - long) is my favourite thing right now or to be precise - my favourite place is under the blanket with a book or some knitting. 


from up there a wonderful view of the garden

WEEK 47-46 - shops
I love craft shops and bookshops - but Kindle store is one of my favourites at the moment.

WEEK 45 - letters
letters bought for cards or scrapbooking but not yet used

So this is my third year-long challenge finished. I think it was the hardest to complete because I was really often extremely tired and had way too little energy to finish everyday chores let alone do anything creative. Let's hope the new year brings a fresh new start.
Thank you for reading this blog! 
I wish you a very happy and peaceful new year!!!

torek, 28. oktober 2014

Weeks 44-39

WEEK 44 - view

The wall behind our house is finished and we are so happy...

... especially as there was a terrible flood last week and we survived without damage. Without the wall it would have been very different - it was a catastrophe for the rest of the valley. I couldn't go to work because the main road was flooded for several hours which hasn't happened for a long long time. The photo was taken about 5 hours after the worst (which was at 4 am).

WEEK 43 - time out

The only time out I take these days is some time to crochet. Luckily the girls sometimes have a good day and prepare wonderful desserts.

WEEK 42 - paintings around me

One of my best friends gave me a new painting for my staircase. Gggrh when will we find the time to put up a rail from Ikea so that I can hang lots of pictures and ornaments and change them every season?

WEEK 41 - liquid refreshment

I have no photos of liquid refreshments, so there is another one of the yummy chocolate pralinés by my daughter.

WEEK 40 - food

I went to two parties in less than a week - my nephew's 40th birthday and my neighbour's 50th. There was too much delicious food. This is my nephew's "sacher" cake.

WEEK 39 - shoes

I can't believe it - but I bought two new pairs of shoes a few weeks ago. The only suitable shoes to wear around here are wellingtons - we can't wait to get rid of the mud around the house.

I am really enjoying my holiday this week, needless to say that time is flying even faster than usually. i hope you are all well. If I carry on in this manner my next post will be just before Christmas - although I really hope not. 
All the best, 

sreda, 17. september 2014

WEEKS 38-35

Week 38 - up down

Rather than going out into the mud around my house and taking a photo "up" I am reversing the direction. I've taken lots of photos from "up" down - there is so much going on around here. Constant rain and floods and the big changes as our river is being "tamed" by huge walls. The photo was taken from my bedroom last Saturday when the workers had to rescue two bulldozers due to high water levels.

Week 37 - autumn

The summer that hasn't come yet has already gone. How absurd and depressing is that?

Week 36 - boxes

Most of these boxes are empty  as the project of reorganizing my polymer craft supplies has been going on for several years. In spite of the bad feeling because of my procrastinating  I love the look of the rainbow shelves and of the plain boxes.

Week 35 - travel tales

My travel dreams are limited by lack of money and time but one day I'll take my car and disappear to the south of France for a long time. There are so many villages and towns to explore - that is my dream destination. The town in the photo is called Carcassonne - I last visited it in 2010. It's awesome.

I am so busy at the moment that I can't remember even the word holidays. My timetable is horrible. From time to time I read your posts but I have no energy to comment. I was so happy when I saw that Viv met Borqna. If any of you decide to come to Slovenia I promise I will find enough time to show you my country. I wish you a very colourful and happy autumn.

nedelja, 24. avgust 2014

Week 34 - paper

                                    Some cards made last year waiting to be given to someone.

The card I made yesterday for my niece's one-year-old son. I saw him for the first time today.

I decorated this box for my eldest daughter who loves such gifts - it is full of sweets and chocolates.

The Christmas papers in the bucket will be used quite soon and there are wonderful posters in the red box - waiting to be put on an appropriate wall, if I ever find one.

This is part of my collection of patterned paper - I don't buy it any more, the stock will last for several years. 

I go back to work tomorrow but my head is still in the clouds, waiting for proper hot weather and summer. It will be a long week but then the time will fly as always. 

Have a lovely week,

torek, 12. avgust 2014

Weeks 33-29

At the beginning of July I was sure I wouldn't miss a weekly post during the summer. It didn't happen though - I think I really needed a total break with no thinking, no writing, no sitting at the computer desk. So once again I have to catch up with the last five weeks.

WEEK 33 - skies

The photos were taken today and they tell everything about this summer - lots of rain, cold, almost no sunshine.

WEEK 32 - world war I

Can you believe that my father (not grandfather!) was born during WW I ? His father fought for the Austro-Hungarian monarchy somewhere along the border between today's Austria and Italy. My father would be 100 next year and the brother after him was born after WW I.

WEEK 31 - summer our and about

We rented an apartment in Croatia again (the island Krk). Wasn't our view wonderful?

WEEK 30 - summer's views

                                                                  my beautiful garden

I'm extremely proud of my beans  - they are normal and healthy for the first time in years.

To kick off the summer I made some cakepops and they were delicious.

WEEK 29 - numbers

                                                                 three pairs of feet

                                                      one gorgeous flower with one insect

                               Ninety-nine roots waiting to be taken away so that the anti-flood wall can be built.

A sudden flood on 12th July - it took two fire engines, one bulldozer and lots of fire fighters to rescue the building site machines from the water.

Have a wonderful week,