četrtek, 23. januar 2014

Week 4 - my world

I find looking for the exact number of words exciting and fun.

                                                    throwing away unfinished jewellery

                                                       reading several books at once

                                                               lots of clothes to iron  

                                          some recipes prepared for baking at weekends

Have a wonderful weekend - the weather forecast for our country says it will finally snow tomorrow (personally I'm not looking forward to it because of traffic jams).

torek, 21. januar 2014

Week 4 - my world

Bits and pieces from my world...


                                                                       family meals

                                                           preparing French lessons
Have a nice week!

petek, 17. januar 2014

Week 3 - inside

It's been a busy week and that's why there is only this post with all the inside photos.

There are still all the Christmas decorations inside my house - until 2nd February.

                                                 knitted squares inside my knitting box

                                               laptop and notebooks inside my schoolbag

                                           The dishwasher is half empty during the week.

                                          the inside of my crochet/ knitting cupboard

                      You can always see inside such buildings - hayracks typical of my country.

                             There are a lot of blankets and cushions inside my vehicle.

                                    Who can tell what goes on inside a person's head?

Have a lovely weekend,

sobota, 11. januar 2014

Week 2 - pink or purple and brown

My Slovene-English (pink) and English-Slovene (purple) dictionaries are really ancient and I no longer use them. They have sentimental value as they are more than 30 years old. Typically the purple of the central dictionary mutated into a strange muddy colour.

The gorgeous blue bird on brown background was a gift from one of my best friends. As a retired teacher she spends her free time creating masterpieces. The flower painting to the left is in fact a card which I'll put in a frame (one day).

petek, 10. januar 2014

Week 2 - white and black

With the exception of paper there aren't a lot of white things around me, so the French dictionary is very special because of its colour. I've got lots of blue, green and purple dictionaries but only this one has got a white cover.

I love the alphabet series by Sue Grafton. I've got most of the books on Kindle but the "real" ones have got dark covers, mostly black.
Have a wonderful weekend.

sreda, 08. januar 2014

Week 2 colours - red, blue and green

Trying to find the colours near my work space at home - the crocheted carnation was a gift from a lovely lady who attended my polymer clay workshops several years ago.

This card was made during an online card class but I never gave it to anyone - it's just for me, to remind me of my favourite season.

Before going to Ireland I just laughed when I read that they know 40 shades of green. When I saw the countryside I realized that it is actually true. Of course most of the souvenirs are green too - this shamrock was given to me by a friend who visited Ireland before me.
Have a colourful week!

nedelja, 05. januar 2014

Week 1 - clothes, travel, family

I'd like to add more colour to my clothes. There are mainly neutrals and black in my wardrobe. The cardigans in the photo are the first "result" of this decision which dates from the second half of 2013. I've just realized that I tend to make more resolutions in September at the beginning of the new school year than at the beginning of the new calendar year.

I am a traveller at heart and I'd love to see so many countries in the years to come. The last two years  were very bad as far as travel is concerned - I travelled nowhere in 2012 and last year I only went to Budapest for one day. In 2014 I owe a journey to my second daughter - we might go to Edinburg or London or Cyprus or somewhere else. I do hope that the financial situation will be OK. One day I'll go to back to Ireland and Paris and Rome and Spain and.... I'll visit New Zealand and Australia and Canada....

Our family spends less and less time together which is normal because of the age of our children. But I really wish that we would "stare" at our electronic devices a little less and organize a few family outings at least in spring and summer.
Have a nice week,

četrtek, 02. januar 2014

Week 1 resolutions - food and drink

No great resolutions here, just some general decisions and we'll see how it will go. Definitely no resolutions regarding food - I love eating and baking. My busy life is my best diet.

I hardly ever drink alcohol and even then in small quantities. But I don't drink enough water which is a big mistake and causes me lots of trouble. This should be priority number 1 - drink lots and lots more water every single day.