nedelja, 05. januar 2014

Week 1 - clothes, travel, family

I'd like to add more colour to my clothes. There are mainly neutrals and black in my wardrobe. The cardigans in the photo are the first "result" of this decision which dates from the second half of 2013. I've just realized that I tend to make more resolutions in September at the beginning of the new school year than at the beginning of the new calendar year.

I am a traveller at heart and I'd love to see so many countries in the years to come. The last two years  were very bad as far as travel is concerned - I travelled nowhere in 2012 and last year I only went to Budapest for one day. In 2014 I owe a journey to my second daughter - we might go to Edinburg or London or Cyprus or somewhere else. I do hope that the financial situation will be OK. One day I'll go to back to Ireland and Paris and Rome and Spain and.... I'll visit New Zealand and Australia and Canada....

Our family spends less and less time together which is normal because of the age of our children. But I really wish that we would "stare" at our electronic devices a little less and organize a few family outings at least in spring and summer.
Have a nice week,

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  1. I agree but it is how the world is today. .as I write this on my phone!! I hope you do get to the UK x

  2. If you ever come to London you are more than welcome to come and visit us.Our family also spend less and less time together

  3. Oh Kristina wouldn't it be lovely if you came to London in 2014 and we could have a met up...then again you would be very welcome to stay with us a couple of days too. If you fly to gatwick we are only an hour away!!.
    yes sadly technology isn't always a good way forward

  4. Oh, you forgot about your holiday in Croatia!
    I heartily wish you to be able to travel more often abroad!
    The proposal of Lynne is great - think!