četrtek, 02. januar 2014

Week 1 resolutions - food and drink

No great resolutions here, just some general decisions and we'll see how it will go. Definitely no resolutions regarding food - I love eating and baking. My busy life is my best diet.

I hardly ever drink alcohol and even then in small quantities. But I don't drink enough water which is a big mistake and causes me lots of trouble. This should be priority number 1 - drink lots and lots more water every single day.

6 komentarjev:

  1. I too love eating just not the cooking. Have you tried hot water and lemon? Xx

  2. I agree.. I don't do the water and lemon thing but I understand it is good for you, especially early morning! I also think you are correct.. eat what you like but be busy and work it off! K xx

  3. the cakes look lovely. happy new year

  4. I like your thoughts!
    I will remember this -
    Busy life - best diet!

  5. No I know what is wrong, since retiring not so busy so need to watch I eat the right things and of course no alcohol would help too!!

    I do drink plenty of water but only sparkling!

  6. I have never been much a an alcohol drinker either. I do drink lots of water though. I buy some liquid drops that are fruity flavored so I can change it up once in a while. Plain water does get boring after a while sometimes.