petek, 10. januar 2014

Week 2 - white and black

With the exception of paper there aren't a lot of white things around me, so the French dictionary is very special because of its colour. I've got lots of blue, green and purple dictionaries but only this one has got a white cover.

I love the alphabet series by Sue Grafton. I've got most of the books on Kindle but the "real" ones have got dark covers, mostly black.
Have a wonderful weekend.

4 komentarji:

  1. I also love and collect Sue Grafton. I haven't got "A" yet

  2. i haven't read any of her books , must have a look at them.

  3. Many thanks for this post - I'll look for more information about authors and books.

  4. Never seen these books so like Michelle I will be off to look!!