sreda, 08. januar 2014

Week 2 colours - red, blue and green

Trying to find the colours near my work space at home - the crocheted carnation was a gift from a lovely lady who attended my polymer clay workshops several years ago.

This card was made during an online card class but I never gave it to anyone - it's just for me, to remind me of my favourite season.

Before going to Ireland I just laughed when I read that they know 40 shades of green. When I saw the countryside I realized that it is actually true. Of course most of the souvenirs are green too - this shamrock was given to me by a friend who visited Ireland before me.
Have a colourful week!

7 komentarjev:

  1. Lovely selection of items for the theme. x

  2. i love all the history behind your photos

  3. Interesting suggestions!
    Like very much your card - you're right - it is just for you!

  4. Hope the green Ireland didn't mean too much rain! x

  5. Great stories for each colour and our only visit to the Emerald rained each day for 3 weeks!!! so no wonder it is so green!!!

  6. I love the stories with your photos. We were lucky when we've been to Ireland it has always been sunny.