petek, 17. januar 2014

Week 3 - inside

It's been a busy week and that's why there is only this post with all the inside photos.

There are still all the Christmas decorations inside my house - until 2nd February.

                                                 knitted squares inside my knitting box

                                               laptop and notebooks inside my schoolbag

                                           The dishwasher is half empty during the week.

                                          the inside of my crochet/ knitting cupboard

                      You can always see inside such buildings - hayracks typical of my country.

                             There are a lot of blankets and cushions inside my vehicle.

                                    Who can tell what goes on inside a person's head?

Have a lovely weekend,

5 komentarjev:

  1. Bravo! Exsellent!
    Congratulations, Kristina!

  2. Wow Kristina, a brilliant week of photos and love your last surprise one, clever!!
    I am so surprised your Christmas decorations stay up til Feb!!

  3. that normal to have decorations til February. .or is it to make up for not celebrating so much years ago?
    Great post xx

  4. Great pictures Kristina. Love the last one!

  5. lovely pictures and brilliant ideas