torek, 21. januar 2014

Week 4 - my world

Bits and pieces from my world...


                                                                       family meals

                                                           preparing French lessons
Have a nice week!

7 komentarjev:

  1. Fabulous
    Busy lady
    Clever language teacher xx

  2. Oo, I like the tiles in your kitchen!

  3. The tiles are lovely and so is your crochet

  4. What are you crocheting? I am thinking of taking it back up again. Great looking kitchen.

  5. Very nice kitchen!
    Congratulations on your photos and ... French language! BRAVO!

  6. I too love the look of your kitchen and colour scheme. Trying to continue to learn crotchet after a break last year, not doing very well as I forget what to do for double and triple etc sometimes. perhaps I am trying to run before I can walk?

  7. I also love you kitchen and I like the colours in your crochet. Preparing French Lessons is a great idea for 3 words