četrtek, 23. januar 2014

Week 4 - my world

I find looking for the exact number of words exciting and fun.

                                                    throwing away unfinished jewellery

                                                       reading several books at once

                                                               lots of clothes to iron  

                                          some recipes prepared for baking at weekends

Have a wonderful weekend - the weather forecast for our country says it will finally snow tomorrow (personally I'm not looking forward to it because of traffic jams).

7 komentarjev:

  1. .. and I am proud of everyone's great efforts to tell us about their world in a nutshell !

  2. Great post and very interesting. I love all of the jewelry pieces.

  3. Love the recipe idea! We're trying to do a new recipe every week and we're a little ahead of schedule at the moment which is good.

  4. Congratulations - excellent on tasks!
    Very nice mood in here. Thank you very much.

  5. Love your ideas especially that bag of unfinished jewellry

  6. An excellent week fof photos or our challenge this week.
    I wish we could have some snow instead of more rain and more floods for some areas in the UK, so terrible for some people :(

  7. hope you got the ironing done so you could enjoy the cooking :)