ponedeljek, 03. februar 2014

Week 6 - media moments - day 1 and week 5 - winter views

Good evening from a country trapped in ice. I couldn't write during the week-end due to heavy snow and rain which caused electricity cuts as a huge number of trees broke because of ice. We are very lucky right now to have everything in order - a huge number of people are still cut off from the rest of the country or without electricity. Lots of schools cancelled classes today but not mine. That said I can show today's photo and the ones from last week.

                                           my favourite picture from Paris (Orangerie - huge paintings by         Monet where you can see the water and branches moving gently in the wind)

                                                   day 7 - my feet in hand-knitted socks

                                  day 6 - frequently visited place - the river behind my house

                                             day 5 - my favourite outfit modelled for me by my daughter

                                          day 4 - my daughters don't like to be photographed, which leaves my hubby playing on his flight simulator

                                            day 3 - sky view last Wednesday

                                                    day 2 - our favourite winter meal - lasagna

                                                day 1 - garden view last Monday - for today's view add lots of snow and ice (every branch and stem is encased in it)

Hope the weather is nicer at your places. It is February already and that is quite near the spring (says the eternal optimist).
Have a safe and nice week,

7 komentarjev:

  1. I heard the news of Slovenia and thought of you.
    Excellent on the topics of the day.
    /Of all countries now in Bulgaria - the weather is most acceptable.
    Everything is in norm, only our malice is huge .. Breaks my heart./

    1. Borqna I think that the malice in Slovenia is much much larger - unfortunately. I'm happy that the weather is acceptable in Bulgaria.

  2. What a lovely week, Kristina

  3. Love your choice of picture . Glad you are back with us .

  4. What great winter views..They are sure to change each season..good timing even if not your favourite. .shame you did not get day off though x the Monet is lovely..look forward to a proper look on pc as I am in my phone right now x

  5. Oh I wish we had your cold weather instead of wet weather in UK. But don't like the harship you have had with all the ice and no electricity :(
    Great photos you chose for last week

  6. oh it does look cold with you, hope you dont have any more power cuts.