nedelja, 16. februar 2014

Week 7 - shapes and week 6 - days 5-7

After a crazy week I have lots of catching up to do.

                              I tried to create some fluid lines with mosaic pieces on my mirror.

                                                I just love the diamond border stamp.

       polymer clay heart - made by Carol Blackburn (a gift at her workshop in Nottingham)

                                   My very simple and handmade models for oval polymer bangles.

                                               the triangle on my polymer clay desk

                                                          round bottles of acrylic paints

                                         My polymer pendant I wore last Monday.

Days 6 and 7 (week 6) - that was the first photo posted on my craft blog Mlin nakitin on 18th February 2009. I am celebrating its 5th anniversary in two days time. Even then the photo was digital and I have thousand of digital photos taken from 2008 on and also lots and lots of paper photos taken from 1993 on (the birth of my first daughter). I can't decide what I  like better.

Day 5 - the power of advertising

JAT was the most important airline in ex-Yugoslavia. They had a TV ad where one of their planes was landing with "El Condor Pasa" by Simon and Garfunkel playing in the background. To this day I can't hear this song without a picture of a plane landing appearing in my mind. And I never flew with them!

Have a lovely week, I hope to post regularly this week - we are on holidays!

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  1. The polymer clay looks really interesting. I love your pendants.

  2. The jewelry is beautiful. I love polymer clay pieces.

  3. You have some really interesting photos .. They give a great flavour of your life x enjoy the holiday week x