četrtek, 20. februar 2014

Week 8 - windows everywhere

My bedroom window is quite new but already in needs of new curtains - after I washed the flowered fabric a few times the pattern almost disappeared.

The view through the window above used to be my favourite but at the moment it's a building site - I pity those workers as they really have bad luck with all the floods, rain and snow.

 We couldn't make a triangular window in our new bathroom.

This is my favourite view but the photo is horrible - the weather was too bad to go out on the balcony to take it.

The smallest windows in our house are the ones in the staircase. They used to be round but when we renovated the house round windows were simply too expensive and impractical to clean.

These two wonderful shop windows are from Paris, I took the photos exactly four years ago. Paris is certainly not lacking in awesome windows!

Have a nice week!

5 komentarjev:

  1. True.. those Parisian windows are gorgeous. I had cotton net curtains in our living room and the sun shone on them so much that they disintegrated when I washed them. I like Velux roof windows too.

  2. I love your triangular window.
    Great photos

  3. Love all of the pictures. The ones in Paris are beautiful and make me hungry.

  4. The weather looks miserable but your photos are lovely .

  5. Love all the windows in your house and the shop windows are lovely xx