nedelja, 09. marec 2014

Week 10/2 - books

I can't possibly choose just one great reference book - books published by Cambridge or Oxford University Press for foreign teachers of English are all excellent.

These two books by the German author Erich Kastner were my childhood favourites. I still love the humour in the second book (I don't know what the main character is called in English - Pippi perhaps and her best friend is Tony probably). I also often dreamed of finding my lost twin just like the girls in the first story. Twin sisters separated by their parents' divorce meet at a summer camp and then change places which leads to several funny adventures.

My bookshelves will probably always be a mess - I manage to find most of the books I look for , but from time to time something disappears God knows where.

Have a nice week,

3 komentarji:

  1. The story of the twins is one of my girls favourite films 'Parent Trap'. Originally with Haley Mills playing both twins. Great story.

  2. Fantastic book cases and love the trip down memory lane with the childhood books.

  3. I agree about the reference books.
    What lovely book cases. I have books all over the house including under the stairs.
    Roland says we will have to look into coming to Slovinia.