torek, 15. april 2014

Weeks 16 - 12

The days are literally slipping through my fingers. I can hardly believe I haven't posted anything for 5 weeks! So here are some photos to "mend the hole".



I love such houses (these two are from Nottingham)but it's not very practical to live in them.


The main goal of my role as a mother is never to become like my mother, who is a very difficult woman.
For mother's day, my daughters used to make me drawings or cards, my husband usually buys me something sweet and some flowers,  but this year, for example, my eldest sent me a gorgeous pin on Pinterest. I love how children grow up and times change a lot. There are lots of mothering anecdotes from the past but it feels like my head is totally full and empty at the same time these days, so I won't try to write anything.


This can be considered as a vintage family photo. Here my girls were still always together.Later on, however, there was also some sibling rivalry.

One can see some family resemblance from this photo - there are two dark eyed girls and two blue eyed. As to other traits (nose, figure...) they are very different and now that they are grown up the differences are even greater.

I like "families of things" too. These are my idea books for creating polymer jewellry.

And this is my only brother who is 20 years older than me. There are 3 sisters in between but only me and him have got exactly the same nose as our late father. My brother also used to have lots and lots of wild hair just like me - but luckily women don't get bald - and our resemblance ends here.


This one was very hard for me for some reason. So today I opened my Paris 2010 file and found these amazing entrances.

Some of the metro entrances are simply perfect.

The entrance to the residence where one of my best friends lived for a year with her family is pretty impressive too.

The one to Notre Dame is so stunning that I could stand there and admire it for hours.

The pyramid leading to the Louvre is the most original and special entrance I can think of.

I apologize for being absent for so long and for not commenting on your posts. I wish you a very happy and relaxed Easter wherever you spend it.
All the best and see you (hopefully) next week.